Framing my works:
For those buyers in the Philadelphia area, I recommend that you have your artworks framed by Little Conestoga Picture Framing ( The owner, Bridget Hanley, knows how to frame my (and other) works best and can provide excellent advice.


While I do not consider myself an Asian art-inspired artist (see Artist Statement) I have a high appreciation for the work of Asian-style sumi-e painters, and in particular for those who move outside the traditional formulaic boundaries of this style.

William Preston:

In my opinion, one of the best sumi-e painters worldwide. The artist does not follow a strict Asian style but what he calls an Asian-Western fusion style. In spring of 2012,  I had the privilege of visiting him for a week and learn from him.

Lilith Ohanessian:

Another exceptional sumi-e artist who does not paint in a mainstream Asian way. Her flowers are breathtaking.


Mo Fontaine:

An artist based in Germany (and my sister). Her poetic work is a delicacy for lovers of color.